06 August 2009

I Did It My Way...At Home

My Way is a very popular human song. The lyrics tell the story of a man, perhaps dying (hence "And now, the end is near..."), reflecting on the life he lived telling how he had very few regrets. He did it all and he did it HIS way.

Many humans associate the song with the great Frank Sinatra. My extensive research revealed that My Way actually started life as a French song originally sung by one Claude Francois in 1967. Paul Anka acquired the rights, rewrote the lyrics to English and gave it to Frank to sing. It became so popular that the song has been sang and recorded by a lot of other humans from Elvis Presley to The Rock and has been translated into many human languages from Chinese to Russian. My Way is also one of the most popular song sung in funerals, sports events and in karaoke bars all over the world.

"Not only is it popular in funerals," Mr. B. said. "It is also responsible for many deaths."

"Really?" I wondered.

I found out that in the Philippines for example, My Way elicited arguments, fights and violence in karaoke bars. Someone would sang it so bad that another patron (most likely drunk) would shot him, or one would be ridiculed for doing a very poor imitation of Frank Sinatra and would start a big fight that would lead to a mass rumble. I guess one has to take the song very seriously. Eventually, a lot of karaoke bars removed My Way from their playlist. It is safer to sing this song at home.

I told you humans are strange.


Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,

Can't agree you more.
Humans are really strange.


Becker said...

that is why i am happy to be just an orfinary bear.

Becker said...

wrong spelling!!!

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