18 August 2009

Light My Fire

Mr. B. recently bought a book on soap-making and announced that he wanted to start a new hobby. He thought that the chemistry of this fabulous hobby must be quite similar to that of candle making which he was familar with - mix, melt, boil, pour, mold, cure and voila. He spent the next few days reading all about the difference between cold-process and pour-and-mold types of soap-making. Included in the book are processes in making bath fizzes, creams and scrubs.

"I give up!" he declared tonight. "It takes too long to make a bar of soap!"

Indeed, it sometimes would take up to several hours for the boiling concoction to reach "trace" (which is basically the start of the hardening stage) depending on the oil used, and Mr. B. was never a role model for patience.

I remember a few years ago when he took candle-making as a hobby. The first thing he did was create a fire (yes, a literal fire) the size of a dinner plate at the center of his dining table. Then he presented two large candles to a very dear friend as Christmas gift which collapse around 15 minutes after his friend lighted them. He also created an artistic blue candle that started sweating dye (yes, blue) all around within minutes after lighting.

Of course he had his successes too. They are sitting all around the house but never lighted (in case he would start another fire which would then collapse his ego).

He has since given all his candle-making equipments to his sister, including the pure beewax he bought at a high price. Suffice to say his candles has never seen the light of the day, or night. And now, this soap-making thing.

"Where can I get coconut oil, palm oil and vegetable oil?" he asked aloud.

"There's vegetable oil in the kitchen cupboard." I said.

"But that's olive oil I use for cooking!"

"You can use palm and olive combination," I replied. "But that wouldn't be original."


Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,

"Can i have a soap as christmas gift?" please tell Mr. B. and I won't burn it.

Becker said...

no you can't because he's not making any!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. B can give sheep a hand-made candle, to digest inventory anyway :P.


Becker said...

good! and call it charity too!!!

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