27 August 2009

Lily The Cleaning Lady

Every Thursday morning, while Mr. B. is at work, Lily comes to clean the house. She vacuums and mops the floor, calls for laundry pick up and delivery, scrubs the bathroom, changes the sheets, waters the plants and makes everything in the house squeaky clean. I am assigned to give her wages and money for laundry as well as cleaning equipments. That is why Thursday is one of Mr. B.'s favorite days of the week. He comes home with the house all clean and tidy and we bears are all sitting in a row.

Lily has been cleaning Mr. B.'s house for 11 years. During this period, Mr. B. saw her gone through a bout of cancer and Bell's palsy, son's graduation from university, death of ex-husband, separation from second. Through it all, she was always cheerful, positive and said that she is leaving it all up to God.

Aside from cleaning the house, Lily is also the unofficial custodian of Mr. B.'s personal items. Misplaced passport, ID, keys, ring, money - anything Mr. B. lost, Lily knows where to find them.

A month ago, Lily bought a rock salt lamp as a gift to Mr. B. "Keep the light on while you sleep. It cleans the air, energizes your body and very calming to the nerves." Lily said. Today, the lamp is sitting in Mr. B.'s bedside table.

"I cannot imagine this home without her." Mr. B. declared.

"I know. You need her because the vacuum cleaner is too heavy for me to carry." I said.

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