01 August 2009

Silent Passage

Last night, Mr. B. and I watched a Filipino film called Silent Passage. It is a bittersweet a love story between a 47-year old widowed judge and a 23-year-old uneducated cab driver. Their initial fondness of each other grew into a relationship that faced tremendous pressure from their families, their friends and the society in general. In the end, the young man was accidentally killed in a taxi hold-up leaving the judge pregnant at the age of 47, alone to face the world.

While the movie ended on a sad note, I learned a very important leasson about humans - about the triumph of human spirit in particular. Sometimes, one needs to go against norms, to fight every single soul, in order to find happiness. When one finds it, it will be worth it.

I know that Mr. B. reflected on his own life after seeing this movie. I can't tell how much similar experiences he share with the film's main character. But I do know that he was touched by the courage and determination of the 2 humans who fought the world to defend their love.

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