26 August 2009

This Thing Called Love

D. surprised all of us tonight by bringing a cake. I was very happy to see the nice cake with the lighted candle and to have D. make a surprise visit.

"Today is Chinese Lovers Day." Mr. B. announced.

"Is that why we have a cake to eat?" I asked D.

Mr. B. said I can't keep staring at the cake because the candle is melting. So we all blew the candle, cut the cake and have a portion each.

"I wish everyday is Lovers Day." I said

"As long as you have love in your heart, everyday IS Lovers Day." Mr. B. replied.

This thing called Love must be strangely exclusive to humans. A lot had been said, written and sang about it. Some humans are afraid to love because they said it might not work out. But what if it does?

For now, I shall enjoy my tiramisu cake. Today is a rose-colored day.

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