06 September 2009

Dancing In The Dark

There is a phase in the life of humans called teen-age. This interesting phase, which lasts for several years, is most associated with angst - the feeling or fear of something strange or unknown coming up. So interesting is this phase of human life that many books, movies, songs were written, filmed and sang about it.

Dancing In The Dark, a song by Bruce Springsteen, was so popular in the mid-1980's that it became the anthem of many young humans, Mr. B. included. It speaks of frustrations, disappointments, dissatisfaction and helplessness. It also speaks of wanting to change, to reach out, to love. The deeply emotional lyrics and the rough and pained howling of Springsteen contrasts with the upbeat tempo and his awkward dancing in the video. But it gave a very clear image of the young human's angst, keeping to themselves and well, dancing in the dark.

"I used to dance like that when I was young. I thought that dancing was the coolest then." Mr. B. interrupted my train of thoughts.

"Does the feeling of angst go away when humans grow up?" I ask him.

"I think so. You start to realize how stupid you are and how trivial the things you worry about are."

"Is that why they say humans get wiser as they get older?" I question him.

"Yes, You learn something every single day of your life. Then many things become less and less important. Until nothing matters to you anymore." Mr. B. replied in all seriousness.

"I don't get it."

"You don't have to now. But you will eventually." Mr. B. said as he patted my head.

Many times I've seen Mr. B. listening to music with his headphone and would imitate the Bruce Springsteen's dance around the room. I also remembered one time he told me that he is "sick sitting around trying to write his book".

Perhaps the angst didn't go away.


adamny said...

i cried after reading this post. your words are wonderful. mr.b is lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

sometimes you think it's gone but it's always there...

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