13 September 2009

Friends And Lovers

Mr. B. and D. attended a friend's birthday dinner tonight. It was a sit-down dinner of about 16 people in a posh restaurant. The evening was filled with champagne, wine and great food. The party moved on to a local bar where cake and more drinks were served. It was an evening of great fun.

It was also an evening of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Some were old couples, being together for 20 years, while others only knew each other for a few months. A few were singles, a few just broke up with their loved ones. Mr. B. and D. were classified as being with each other "long enough" - in a good way.

Seeing all these various stages of relationships, Mr. B. told me he wondered what life would have been in the last few years without D. He probably would only be talking to people he knew well all evening and leave early. Perhaps he would try to talk to someone new for the possibility of making a new friend. Having D. by his side made him more relaxed with a sense of belonging.

They bid goodbye to the group a little past midnight and came home to have tea and chatted some more - about other people, about relationships, about life. They talked about their friends who are single and lonely, who are coupled and unsure, who are single and happy and those who have been together for a long time.

Humans are strange. They seem to be emotionally dependent on their friends and their lovers, something totally unknown to the animal kingdom. Sometimes it works for them. Sometimes it doesn't. But it is a process they enjoy going through - being friends and being lovers. It is this cycle of life they all seem to live for.

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You will learn too when you grow up. Your just a little bear now. I am happy for your masters!

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