29 September 2009

Life / Track

"I bet I can make a movie about your life using Madonna's music as soundtrack!" I declared to Mr. B. tonight. "Here is how it would go..."

Everybody (1983): A teenage Mr. B. fascinated by the video of this singer called Madonna. Cool outfit. Cool dance steps. Life has just begun. University life is fun.

Borderline (1983): Stargazer disco. One with a high ceiling at opens up to the sky. He is literally dancing with the stars!

Open Your Heart (1986): Mr. B. enjoying earning his own living. First relationship. Weekend with friends. Checking out all the best dance clubs in the city. His only problem is which direction to comb his hair that day.

True Blue (1986): He thinks he can be a great DJ. Fearlessly presented himself to the owner of the best dance club in Manila but is told he needs to invest in a professional player in order to practice at home. There goes his dream.

Who’s That Girl? (1987): A hopeful Mr. B. leaves Manila and lands in Taipei in search of a better life. A new kid in town. He gives himself 3-5 years, then he shall move on.

Into The Groove (Dub Version) (1987): NASA – one of the hippest places to dance in Taipei. Mr. B. lands in his first job as an account executive in an advertising agency. He buys himself a Walkman and invites a girl to a dance club.

Like A Prayer (1989): Second relationship. Pure and innocent. Wide-eyed and hopeful. Everything seems to be going well until they had to part.

Rain (1993): London. Gatwick Airport. Mr. B. cries on his way back to Taipei knowing that he can never mend a broken relationship as another person is involved now.

Ray of Light (1998): La Vida Loca. Third relationship. Whirlwind. Love and passion unlike anything he ever experienced before.

Nothing Really Matters (1998): A devastating break-up. The darkest point of the movie. Xanax and sleeping aids. Hate and revenge prevails. Then a small light of hope – me, Becker, appears in his life.

Music / American Life (2003): A more matured and calm Mr. B. DJing in a club – something he always dreamed of doing. He meets D. It isn’t love at first sight. It just grows.

Hung Up (2008): Mr. B. and D. still together. Relationship stronger than ever. D. meets Mr. B.'s parents. All is well.

Celebration (2009): What else is there to say? Mr. B. may be too old to dance but he still loves Madonna's music. He holds D. hand and looks back on the life he had. This is just the beginning, he says to himself. I smile.


LexLuther said...

amazing rundown of tracks from madge! luv it absolutely! u rule!

texhound said...

It cool to have a life with a Madonna soundtrack. I like your blog a lot, Becker!

Anonymous said...

This is cool. how can you know so much? you must listen to music eveyday while Mr.B was in the farm.

Becker said...

mr. b. said i dont have to work so i get to listen to music everyday!!!

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