15 October 2009

Baby, Remember My Name

In 1980, Alan Parker made a film about a group of young, hopeful students through their studies at the New York High School of Performing Arts. Starring mostly unknown actors, the movie started the careers of Irene Cara and Paul McCrane. The soundtrack brought a number of worldwide hits such as Fame and Out Here On My Own. The film is, of course, Fame. Mr. B. told me that this is one of the two movies he ever saw where the audience actually applauded in the ending, something really rare and special.

Fast forward almost 30 years, someone thought of doing a remake of this classic and employed a choreographer and concert director to direct the film. Fame 2009 was release a few weeks back to generally negative reviews.

Critics mostly point out the movie's "lack of likeable characters" unlike the original one where audience can relate to the pains and struggles of Coco, Montgomery and Ralph. There also seems to be a "lack of resolution" in the movie where none of the characters developed, grew or learned anything. One basher said it best - "Why bother remaking this movie?"

Wanting to have my own take on this. I searched to find the main theme "Fame" online and this is what I got.

I say, eewww!

A lot of humans may be too young to remember the original Fame. If the critics were right, these young people are so unfortunate to only have Fame 2009. This makes me want to revisit the original Fame which Mr. B. has a DVD of.

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