17 October 2009

Becker Behind The Blog: An Exclusive Interview

Russell Sprout, backpacking bear and aspiring travel show host talks to blogger Becker in an exclusive virtual interview about his 100th post celebration.

RS: Congratulations on your 100th post, Becker. How do you feel today?
B: Thank you, Russell, I feel fantastic! I never thought I would start a blog like this. I couldn’t believe that humans would actually read and enjoy it.

RS: It seems like in just a few months, you already have a decent followings judging from your post box and the comments which are mostly positive.
B: That is true. And I am very happy that humans actually like my ranting, well, observations, about their lives.

RS: Where do you get your inspiration from?
B: Mr. B. would be my primary source. I think he live a very colorful life. He has such rich experiences that I can draw from. My friendship with him, the things we share on a daily basis, all these are my sources of inspiration.

RS: Are there any posts that are particularly memorable to you?
B: Sure. The most memorable ones are those that are deeply personal, where I somehow connect with human experiences. These are also the posts where I get most positive feedbacks from readers. I could think of a few now – Did He Die For Me Too? Dancing In The Dark and Daddy’s Boy were particularly emotional for me. To Say Goodbye and The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes were written as tributes to Mr. B.’s friends who passed away. Those were emotional as well.

RS: That doesn’t sound like you. A lot of people said that you are quite cynical and critical in real life. Is that true?
B: I could be that way if I wanted to. It could be my means of defense against unpleasant humans or animals. If I did sound like I was being cruel or brutal sometimes, especially to a particular species, it was just me being playful. I hope my readers will understand that.

RS: What about fun stuffs? Any memorable posts on lighter topics?
B: Lots of them! Sometimes I like to poke fun on Mr. B., especially about topics like his age or his weight. There Will Come A Day, His Salad Days, Are You Serious? and Glamorous At 50 comes to mind. I also enjoy writing about music and movies. Those are fun.

RS: How about travel?
B: Since I started this blog, I only got to travel once – to Sydney with Mr. B. and D. It was a super fun trip as you can see in the photos. I also posted a few stories from my trip – A Room With A View, Don’t You Want Me, Baby? and Eating Sydney. I would like to travel more and write more about those trips. I think traveling broadens up a bear’s mind.

RS: Some people say that you are Mr. B.’s alter ego. What can you say about that?
B: I honestly do not like that word – alter ego. It was first invented when schizophrenia was discovered and these people were supposed to live “double” or “multiple” lives. Mr. B. and I are not psychologically identical. We’re best of friends who share a lot of things in common. We are very different in many ways too.

RS: Are you saying that you don’t agree on certain things as well?
B: Definitely! He is a natural worrier. His life is built around the funny farm so I guess that makes up a big part of his character. The Fine Art Of Anger shows how certain situations get into his nerve quite quickly.

RS: Talking about funny farm. You seem to post a lot about it.
B: Oh yes! It started with Funny Farm Adventures which I posted in April. It is actually the place where Mr. B. works. Two readers, Panda and SheepM seem to enjoy my story on the funny farm and its members. There was a follow-up post called Energy Suckers Identified! which I thought was hilarious. That said, Mr. B. forbade me to write too much about the funny farm in fear of losing his job.

RS: That serious?
B: Well, you know how strange humans are. Anything can happen.

RS: What are your plans? What can your readers expect from Becker’s Eyes in the future?
B: I don’t have anything planned in particular, to be honest. I want my blog to be spontaneous. I don’t have a set agenda. But I want it to be fun, entertaining, inspiring and most importantly relevant to the lives of other humans.

RS: Is there anything you wish to say to your readers out there?
B: Oh yes! I want to thank all my readers for checking out my blog, for leaving your comments and suggestions as well as your encouragements. There are a few humans that I need to give my appreciation to – to D. for being so supportive of this blog; to SheepM and Panda for following my posts closely; to my followers Zookeeper, Jim and QQ; to my “silent” supporters Hender, Tiff, Courtney, BB, Bel and Lisa; to Vivian from Chicago; to Wen from London; to Mary from Portland; to Tom from Portsmouth; siennalee, your messages are always heartwarming. To everyone who ever passed this way, I thank you all! Best of all, I want to thank Mr. B. for sharing his life with me, he will be my best friend forever.

RS: It has been great talking to you, Becker. I am sure your reader will continue to support your blog.
B: Thank you so much, Russell. I am leaving this post with a song from David Archuleta. It's called Let's Talk About Love.


wayne said...

hi becker! congratulations! so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and celebrates for the 100th post!
I think Mr. B can get away from the farm when you and Russel earn enough money from popular blog and show. ^__^


Becker said...

did u read where i mentioned u, panda??? are u happy now???

ruthie0102 said...

That was a great interview. I like your blog so much!

mikewelsh said...

This is my first time to visit your blog and I just spent 2 hours reading. I just want to say that your blog is one of the most original I have ever seen.

dustmite88 said...

some friends come and go. you and b. will be friends forever. keep up the good work, bro.

Anonymous said...

Yes, glad and surprised when saw my name in ur interview. I'm now recommending my friends to visit ur blog, don't forget me when u become a famous blogger. ^^


Becker said...

thanks to you too panda! recommend my nlog to your friends, since all they do is eat, play and sleep. they could find time to read. reading is good for their minds too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Becker,

So glad to see that you mention my name!
Surely i will support your blog. and my son too. He loves your pictures a lot. also this lovely song.

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