29 October 2009

The Emptiness Of My Mind

We bears have quite simple minds. We eat. We play. We write blogs like this. Human minds are more complex than that, I discovered. In most instances, their minds are cluttered with a lot of unnecessary things but sometimes it could also be totally blank. In between, there is a huge spectrum which I categorize as follows:

Sudden Emptiness - This usually happens when humans are confronted with a question they are not prepared to answer. This phenomenon usually goes together with a blank stare. It only lasts a few seconds and is quite harmless if it doesn't happen very often.

Conscious Emptiness - This usually occur at specific time of the day (evening) or specific days of the week (Saturdays and Sundays). This happens to most humans, Mr. B. included. The symptoms differ. Some would sit on the couch and stare at the television for many hours. Others may sit on a chair and stare at the computer monitor. In both cases, the whole body would be totally or partially motionless. Other symptoms include going out to eat, drink, walk in the park - a whole range of activities.

Forced Emptiness - This only occurs to only a few humans who can not have Conscious Emptiness. Some call it yoga, others call it meditation. The body could be moving very, very slowly until achieving an impossible pose or totally motionless in a sitting position.

Choiced Emptiness - Some humans with unpleasant characters have this. They will remember only the things they want to and forget the things they do not wish to remember. Specific type of humans are prone to these. They usually borrow money (or something) from another human and promise to pay back on a later date.

Total Emptiness - This is the worst kind. Mr. B. said he knows some humans who can be placed in this category. I believe this is genetic. There is another name for this phenomenon that starts with the letter "s" which Mr. B. said is not a nice word. So far, science has found no cure for this. It is a permanent condition.


steve said...

this is a funny post.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the worst kind is the last one - total emptiness. I work with a lady who is a total airhead and doesn't know about it. It's sad that she doesn't realize people are laughing behind her.

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