28 October 2009

Hopeful Travellers

I think life is like a journey. As humans travel along, they encounter a lot of things - things that may be happy or sad, or things that make one mad. There are good days, there are bad days. It's all part of the journey. Some humans stop their vehicles dwelling on the bad parts, others shrug their shoulders and drive along, optimistic that the good bits will come ahead.

There was a point in Mr. B.'s journey when he stopped and refused to continue. This was many, many years ago. Something happened that made him lost all hopes that anything good was waiting down the road. He was there right in the middle of the lonely road, deserted, alone. Then along comes ME! He decided to give it another shot. The days to come could be challenging. But he thought at leas the had my company.

Ten years on and the journey has been quite smooth-sailing, well, driving. There were bad days, but mostly good days. Along the way he found D., who also boarded the vehicle. They took turns driving. It was something great. Something they both wanted.

Now I am happy to take the back seat watching the two of them driving along. I am happy to see two hopeful travellers in the journey of life.

Life could be complicated and frustrating sometimes. But I think there is no need to stop and muse over that for too long. One should just step on the gas and move on.

my philosophy's to travel hopefully
and making each day that I survive
an opportunity to share the company
that welcomes me when I arrive

Video: Travel Hopefully from Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical By Jeeves.


Anonymous said...

dear becker,
how touching! i cannot agree with you more.
from cody

Becker said...

hi cody! thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.

siennalee said...

It is a very meaningful song. Thank you for featuring this in your blog.

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