03 October 2009

Leave My Eggplants Alone!

Everyone seems to be talking about Farmville these days. It's even in the news. Anyone who doesn't know this virtual farming game in Facebook must be living in the cave for a while. The addiction seems to have grown out of proportion that some companies prohibit playing the game during working hours (duh). Some people even wake up in the middle of the night to water their crops or make sure that no one steals the fruits/vegetables of their labors.

I personally went online to check what the fuss was all about. I got bored after the first 30 minutes. This impatient bear does not see the point of waiting for a couple of hours or even days for strawberries or eggplants to grow. And I don't see the fun of turning the 6 plots of land into another Neverland. I turn to Mr. B. tonight and ask if he is into it.

"Of course not! I work in a Funny Farm every day of my life. Isn't that enough?" he retorts while munching on snacks and watching TV.

Perhaps so. I heard that in the Funny Farm, the perpetual presence of the Black Sheep is annoying. It has the nasty habit of moving its bowels right on the crops or wherever it feels like it or other humans to step on. There's the Ugly Duckling that never turns into a swan. It remains ugly and stupid and you can't sell it for a single coin. Once in a while, the Brown Cow would appear but only produce a small amount of the much needed chocolate milk. Of course there are neighbors too. But they never help. They steal. They wait until your head is turned (or worse, while you're asleep) before to do it. If they don't get to steal, they trample on your crops so your farm won't be better off than theirs.

As an added bonus, the Funny Farm has its own unique sound effects as well. Instead of the animal sounds, you get the barking of the head honcho, the whining of the diva, the screaming matches of the head honcho and one of the farmers, the long nagging of the prima donna and the sobs of the honcho's victim.

I think I have a very good idea for a virtual game. I am calling Zynga.


Anonymous said...

i think you have a great game idea!

Anonymous said...

You should have the picture of my farm.
Honcho barks to me whole day long yesterday.

Sheep (not black)

Becker said...

who is honcho?

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