24 October 2009

Life Is Like Sukiyaki

Tonight, Mr. B. made a huge pot of sukiyaki. It's a Japanese steamboat-style dish made with variety of meats and vegetables cooked in a special sauce made of soy sauce, a bit of sugar and mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine). It has lots of stuff in it - thinly sliced beef and pork, cabbage, bok choy, enokitake mushroom, abalone mushroom and 5 kinds of dumplings.

While Mr. B. and D. enjoyed their supper, they talked about a lot of things. Mr. B. complained about this particularly dense person he had to deal with in the funny farm, about hooking up with an old friend on the phone talking about insurance policies and investing in properties. D. had some family issues to deal with but seemed fine. They talked about their past holiday trips and future plans; about how Mr. B. wants to have a Balinese-inspired interior if he ever bought a property of his own. At some point, D. checked Mr. B.'s daily blood pressure record to make sure he is fine.

I think life is like sukiyaki. It is all different things mixed up in one single pot. Sometimes you pick up the things you like first, sometimes you leave the best for last. But in the end, you will finish the entire pot, all happy and satisfied.

It has been a great day today.


Anonymous said...

hi, Becker,
I had shabushabu for lunch today. Usually, I will cook the meat last. I don't understand why the waiter cooked my meat first today. but, the soup is delicious because of meat. well, life is full of surprise, isn't it?

Becker said...

hi sheepmm, yes life is full of surprises!

Zookeeper said...

I thought life was like a big box of chocolates...

crazygirl said...

i thought so too!

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