25 November 2009

Dreams That Cannot Be

At the beginning of this year, no one knew who Susan Boyle was. This week, she holds the record for the most pre-ordered CD in the history of Amazon and was said to sell more records in the first day of the CD's release in the United States than John Mayer's new album in a week. In a span of a few months and with over 70 million views of her audition clip in Britain's Got Talent on YouTube, Susan Boyle's life has indeed changed.

Listening to her album I Dreamed A Dream, one can sense the sincerity of her voice - not perfectly polished, yet very real. I particularly like her rendition of church music - How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace. She also managed to make I Dreamed A Dream her own with her unique rendition. Purists criticize the odd mix of genre and her tensed vocalization - true yet forgivable as far as I am concern.

Humans are strange. She was ridiculed for her homely appearance then praised for her unexpected triumph. Now she is being likened to a modern freak show, an exploited old woman. But really, who cares? Susan Boyle realised her dream of being a singer. She has an album that may sold millions worldwide. She may start embarking in a tour doing what she loves to do best - singing. Why can't other humans understand that and just appreciate her for who she is, and be thankful for the wonderful gift of songs she has given?

What happens next? I read that Simon Cowell shall be producing a documentary called "I Dreamed A Dream : The Susan Boyle Story".


Jim said...

I was one of those that made a judgement about her appearance and didn't watch the video on Youtube when it was EVERYWHERE! I'm glad I did though and I'm happy that she is realizing her dream!

Becker said...

it is always heartwarming to see other people realize their lifelong dreams, no matter at what age. thank you, jim.

Steve said...

I listened to her album. I think she is a great singer. Thanks for featuring her.

Becker said...

she now holds the record for the fastest selling album for human female!

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