02 November 2009


Mr. B. loves pencils. I mean, we have lots of them at home. Well-sharpened pencils bunched up in mugs which Mr. B. rarely used. They are just sitting there - mugs and mugs of well-sharpened pencils bought or collected from many sources. He also has a pencil sharpening which he used whenever one of his pencils became dull.

"I just love pencils!" he declared when I inquired about his fascination for this human writing instrument. "I like seeing them all sharpened, I like the smell of the wood, I like the way they glide smoothly on paper when you write with them, especially the B grades. I feel happy when I see lots of pencils bunched up together like that!"

It didn't make sense to me.

"But I don't like the erasers on the other end," he continued. "I like it when the other end is the end of the pencil where you can see the round graphite lead surrounded by the wood. As a child, I used to sharpen that end too to have a two-headed pencil!"

"Right...." I said walking away from him.

Strange yet reasonable. Perhaps pencils remind Mr. B. of his childhood, of happier times, carefree times that is why it makes him happy to see them all well-sharpened. Oh well, I wonder what other stranger things humans can be fascinated with?


carl from melbourne said...

I also like pencils but I like them in different colors!

sheepmm said...

I love pencils, too. I love the feeling when I use them to write. It is different from ballpen. Some Psychologist thought that, human love pen because they recognize pen as a way to express selfs. Some others thought pens represent human's admire of genital. Well, I know what you will say.


Becker said...

to sheepmm, Eeewwwwwww!!!!

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