30 November 2009

Someday I'll Make Him Proud

Humans come in units called families comprise of father, mother and children. Sometimes when children are born, they are already destined to follow the footsteps of their fathers or mothers, or even surpass them. That is because the parents themselves willed so, even when they don't say so. This is where "making your parents proud" becomes a lifelong source of angst and frustration to the children, which they usually carry on throughout their adult lives.

In the human world of materialism, I observe that like being successful means making a lot of money, having a prominent position in a large company, owning a large house and a luxurious car, being a well-known member of the society, or a combination of any of the above. Being espoused to another human with the same level of success would be the crowning glory. Anything less would mean failure. Failure as a person to oneself, failure as a child to your parents. One would then be branded a "loser".

In many ways, I feel the same way sometimes. I must "do something" to make Mr. B. proud of me. Even dogs must learn a few tricks to make their masters happy. Happy and proud. Perhaps if I can show Mr. B. how many people are reading my blog, that would make him proud of my accomplishment. Or perhaps it's not enough, never enough.

Every night he comes home, the first thing Mr. B. would do is to carry me and give me the biggest hug. Perhaps he already love me for who I am, not having to do anything else. Perhaps one day, if I'm allowed, I'll make him proud.

Video credit: Matthew Thomas singing Proud from Britannia High.


siennalee said...

becker... you managed to make me cry again.

Becker said...

i hope you are fine...

adamny said...

my dad used to hug me everyday when i was young too. i know he is proud of me. i miss him everyday now that he is gone.

Becker said...

be happy for the memories.

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