19 December 2009

10,000 Beckers

"I have a great idea this Christmas!" Mr. B. said excitingly. "I am going to make 10,000 teddy bears to your likeness, exactly like you. I will sell them for charity and raise 1 million dollars. But the donors will not get the teddy bears. They will be given to orphans! So 10,000 orphans will have their own Beckers this Christmas. And the donors will be very glad to know that they make 10,000 children happy this holidays! Plus, you get to promote your blog! Isn't that a great idea??"

I gave him a strange look. "That was MY idea. Besides, I don't think that will happen, Mr. B."
"Why not? I think it's a great way to celebrate Christmas! Making children happy!"

"You will be sued for trademark infringement, Mr. B." I said dryly.

"I will be?" he said giving me a puzzled look.

"Big time, Mr. B."

"Maybe I can change the look a little bit, say..."

"Trademark infringement." I interrupted.

"Okay, how about printing your picture in 10,000 t-shirts!"

"Illegal use of image."

"Really? That bad? Or maybe I can take you to the orphanage and you can sing songs for the children and make them happy this Christmas?"

"Music copyright. You need permission for public performance."

"Oh.... what about you lip-synching?"

"Worse. Illegal public broadcast of a copyrighted material."

"I give up!" Mr. B. declared. "I will just print t-shirt with your blog address and sell them for charity."

"Then you will have to ask MY permission."



siennalee said...

if mr. b. is serious about making beckers for charity sales, i will surely buy a few to give away! have a lovely christmas you two!


Anonymous said...

i want to buy! i want to buy!

Becker said...

i will inform you when this project happens!

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