28 December 2009

Back To Square One

Like I am not confused enough about the exact date of Jesus' birthday, I am now trying to figure out the exact date of the New Year! Firstly, I found that different cultures celebrate New Year on different days depending of the calendar used. It could be Gregorian, Hijri, Juche or anything based on the sun, the moon or a combination of the sun and the moon.

The way this day is celebrated is just as complex as the day humans choose to celebrate. Mostly, they light fireworks on the tallest building they can find. If they don't have one, they light up a bridge or a large ferris wheel. Some would just drop crystal balls, or fire cannons, or throw water at each other or burn effigies. But there some things common among all humans. On the eve of the New Year, they eat lots of food, drink lots of alcohol and make lots of noise.

I want to be more scientific. For me, New Year is when the Earth revolves around the Sun once and is back in the same place. That said, I find humans strange. They celebrate the fact that they are back to where they all started - to square one. Imagine I set out to travel from Point A to Point B. I should be celebrating when I reach Point B because that means I have accomplished something or reached a milestone. But if I just make a round ending up in Point A again, what is there to celebrate about? What is there to happy about not advancing any further then where one started?

I have to go ask Mr. B. about this one.

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