31 December 2009

Chicken Salad For The Soul

Mr. B. was upset tonight. He wanted to make chicken salad for New Year's Eve but could not find any potatoes from any supermarkets he went to.

"Relax, Mr. B. You can look for potatoes tomorrow!" I told him.

"But I want my chicken salad tonight!" he answered.

I found out that chicken salad on New Year's Eve has a special meaning to Mr. B. When he was a little boy, his mother would make a huge batch of this to celebrate the ocassion. The house would also smell of barbecued meat and chicken. Mr. B. remembered eating a lot of these skewered charcoal-broiled meat as they cook. Cheddar cheese in red ball of wax will always be present. Sometimes, there would be honey glazed ham (the whole ham!) where Mr. B. would peel and enjoy the sweet sugar coating. Most importantly, the chicken salad. Mr. B. remembered the creamy goodness accented by the crunch and tang of apple bits. He loved it especially on New Year's Day when he could top a piece of toast with it.

The recipe, I discovered, was quite simple. Nothing fancy. But now that his mom lives across the seas, I guess Mr. B. longs for home cooking, for the wonderful memory of his boyhood and for that mouthwatering chicken salad for his soul.

Mommy's Chicken Salad

Chicken breast - boiled and shredded
Carrots - boiled and diced
Potatoes - boiled and diced
Apples - peeled and diced
Pineapple - tidbits in can (discard juice)
Real mayonaise - 1 or 2 jars
2 tbsp pickle relish (sweet) - optional

Mix everything together and enjoy.


siennalee said...

a very heartwarming post. i like the recipe too. have a great year, becker!

Becker said...

hello sienna, happy new year to you and your daughter! i will tell mr. b. that you like his chicken salad.

Anonymous said...

i tried your recipe and it worked!

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