13 December 2009

Give Me A Break!

As promised, Mr. B. and D. took me to a tour around the city over the weekend just to do something different. They booked a hotel room and checked-in after lunch. It was a very nice room with a large comfy bed.

After leaving our bags, Mr. B. took me to the place where he works. I didn't like it that much but he let me sit on his desk and pretend that I am working (why I would like to do that, I don't know). After spending a bit of time there, we went to this fabulous dimsum dinner where we had dumplings, spring rolls, tofu casserole and fried rice. Yummy!

When we were all full, we went to this shopping mall with a huge round globe. Mr. B. said we should shop for a bit because we were waiting for the 9.30 screening of the movie 2012. We had fun looking around for bargains although Mr. B. and D. didn't buy anything.

The movie 2012 was entertaining. I liked the special effects a lot. It's kinda scary to think how the world would end but it's only a movie. By the time we finished watching, it was already past midnight so we went back to the hotel to rest. Mr. B. bought ice cream bar to eat.
The next morning, we had a big, big breakfast at the hotel coffee shop. Mr. B. had congee and condiments plus an egg. D. had a combination of Eastern and Western style breakfast plus a large omelette with everything in it! We were so full we didn't have lunch!

After coming back home and leaving our bags, we went shopping again! Mr. B. bought a lot of stuff which he said are Christmas presents for the people in the farm. He also bought a new frying pan for himself. Because we have been quite tired walking around, Mr. B. and D. decided to have a foot massage, which I didn't not do because I don't want anyone touching my paws (feet). Dinner was roasted pork and cream of corn soup. We also went by the supermarket to buy some groceries.

We all came home exhausted. So this is what humans do on weekends. It was fun for me. I hope Mr. B. can find time to do it more often. I have added some photos taken from this weekend in the slideshow to remind me of the good times we all had.
Photo credit : Patrick Beckers


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a lot of fun, becker. merry christmas! i like your blog a lot!

Becker said...

meery christmas too! thanks for dropping by!

QQ said...

It's glad u all have fun there, hope Mr. B will spend more time bringing you to more places for relaxation soon~

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