20 December 2009

My Gift To You

Mr. B. was busy wrapping Christmas presents laid out on the table last night. He was still working on them when I woke up at 3.00 in the morning.

"Why do you prepare so many presents for Christmas, Mr. B.?" I asked him hardly able to open my eyes.

"Because there are many people to give presents to," he answered sipping tea to keep him awake. "These are for the people I work with, those are for my close friends, then I got some for my nephews and nieces which I can wrap later."

"I already got my present from D. It's a reindeer horn." I said happily.

"That's great!"

"Didn't you say that Christmas is Jesus' birthday?" I asked.

"Well, yes and no. It's the day set aside to remember his birth, the exact date is really unknown." Mr. B. explained patiently.

"If it is His birthday, why are you giving gifts to other people instead of Him. Isn't that strange?" I inquired.

"It is a tradition. You go out of your way to buy something nice, Wrap it. Write a nice greeting card and give it to someone to make this person happy." he explained.

"So by making other people happy you are also making Jesus happy?" I still don't quite understand.

"I guess so." Mr. B. said as his continued tagging each gift with the recipient's name. "Well, I sure hope so..." he added.

"On my birthday, I want you to please give ME my gift. Don't give it to someone else. I won't be happy if you give it to someone else." I said walking away.


Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,
Thanks for ur X'mas card, hope you enjoy the holiday :)

Becker said...

dear panda,
happy holidays too. we have a new member at home. his name is MAXI. he is now sitting naked in the dining table because i borrowed his knitted sweater for photo taking. it is too big for me because he is huge. but the sweater is comfortable so i am not taking it off.

Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,
I heard that you have a new member joining ur bear family, I saw his photo, he is realy huge!
it's cold today, good to have a sweater ^^.
Where is the photo, that you wear the sweater?

Anonymous said...

it is true that people tend to forget who the real celebrant is!

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