12 December 2009

Sweet Hallmark Memories

"What are you writing, Mr. B.?"

"Christmas cards. I need to mail them tomorrow so they make it before Christmas Day!" he answered without looking up, carefully writing, doodling, placing stickers on elaborate, glittering cards he had on the table.

"Why not just send them online? It's easier and faster, no?"

"That is so not sincere! I still prefer the good old fashion Christmas cards. I think people will appreciate that you take the time and effort to buy them, write them and go to the post office to mail them!" he said showing me this 3-dimensional card with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus costumes he plans to send to his mom and dad. "Nice, huh?"

"Do you get them too, Mr. B.?"

"Oh yes of course! Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Thank you cards. I never throw them away."

"Never? Really?"

"Well, I throw the envelopes away after I cut out the stamps because I collect them. But I keep the cards. Somewhere, I believe. I like reading them again after a while."

"So humans write greeting cards because they are so far away from each other?"

"Not really. They write cards for any occasions, regardless of the distance. It is a very sweet gesture." he said.

I never wrote a card in my life ever. Perhaps I should buy one and mail it back to Mr. B. I am sure he will be surprise to find my card. I will write how much I appreciate him for taking care of me. Maybe I should also send out cards to everyone who reads my blog... but I wouldn't know where to mail them.

Oh well, I will find a way, I'm sure.

Video: Richard Tan singing No One Throws Away Memories


steveny said...

i like the song very much. it is so perfect for the holidays! thank you.


Cody said...

The song is nice for Christmas.

by Cody

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