17 January 2010

Becker's Eyes: One Year On

Russell Sprout, backpacking bear and aspiring travel show host brings you the highlights and sidelights of Becker's Eyes in celebration of the blog's first year anniversary.

On 17 January 2009, Benedict Kieran decided to start his own blog. He wanted to share his views of a world quite peculiar yet very dear to him, the human world. Today, as we celebrate the very first anniversary of Becker’s Eyes, here are some of the behind the scene look at how this popular blog is created on a day-to-day basis.

Do you know that:

Becker writes most of his entries in the evening when he is most inspired.

He credits the original owners of quotes, song lyrics, photos and videos that he uses. Although I think he missed out on a few, but don’t blame him, he is just a bear.

He sometimes go back to past entries to correct grammar or wrong spellings, add a few phrases here and there. Like readers would care. But he insists.

He learned Photoshop basics in order to retouch some of his photos for posting or advertising. He hasn’t perfected his skills yet.

He spends a lot of time thinking of creative ways to advertise his blog. He has at least two loyal readers – a panda and a sheep.

He is, up to now, still being referred to as the alter ego of Mr. B. He denies this and says he shall never hear any of it again.

Based on the readers comments, here are some of the more popular quips taken from various entries:

I see humans around me as tired souls, trying to "feel" and trying to "be".

he remembers how thankful he is to have a comparatively mundane life with someone he cares about sharing simple joys.
The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

Maybe some day, I too will be like Kermit and show the world that every wish could indeed be heard and answered.
The Lovers, The Dreamers And Me

Is there a place for me in heaven too? I sure hope so, because Mr. B. will be lonely without me by his side up there.
Did He Die For Me Too?

I personally think his problem is not his weight but his height. If he were 3 feet taller, his weight would be perfect.
Nothing To Wear

I may not be able to clean up his house, but I will try to clean up those little specks of bother in his life.
Specks Of Bother

As long as we are together, I believe I am always home.
When I Think Of Home

Bullies and divas both think they are intellectually superior than others. That is their common delusion.
The Bully And The Diva

I think life is like sukiyaki. It is all different things mixed up in one single pot.
Life Is Like Sukiyaki

Life could be complicated and frustrating sometimes. But I think there is no need to stop and muse over that for too long. One should just step on the gas and move on.
Hopeful Travellers

Wise Monkeys? I don't think so. They are just covering their eyes, ears and mouths in order to pretend nothing evil is happening around them
Three Wise Monkeys

There you go, dear fans! Some of the best of Becker’s Eyes. Here’s wishing Becker many more years of happy, happy blogging! And of course, he will definitely appreciate your comments, suggestions, sharing and reposting to help promote the site, and donation. Oh well, maybe not donation. He eats very little.

Signing off with love, Russell


siennalee said...

congratulation becker! i have to say it has been a great year knowing you and reading your blog. i will always look forward for more! from siennalee and daughter sarah

steveny said...

really cool. love it.

Mark S. said...

I have been following your blog for 5 months now and I think this is the most appropriate time to leave you a comment. I am Mark from South Africa and I enjoy reading your blog because I feel that I am so much like Mr. B. and your descriptions are very precise. Do continue your inspiring blog and congratulations on your first year. May there be many more years to come!

Anonymous said...

Happy First Anniversary!

Becker said...

to siennalee, thank you for your support all these time. bearhugs to dear sarah!!!

to steveny, thank you very much! i love new york!

to Mark, welcome and hope you will keep coming back!

sprezo7 said...

happy birthday to the coolest blog ever!

BrettM. said...

Very interesting work indeed. Keep it up. Happy anniversary.

kcbill said...

i like the way you picture humans. you are so sweet.

Becker said...

hello sprezo7, BrettM and kcbill : thank you for your nice words. i hope you will keep coming back and always leave your comments and suggestions! stay well!

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