28 January 2010

Bigger And Becker Part 1

In about one hour and a few minutes from now, it will be my 11th birthday. Mr. B. said that I am a big boy now and that as I grow up, I will not only get bigger but also get better.
"I got my very first greeting today, Mr. B. Look!!" I showed him the ecard I received from Panda, the lazy bear, who I came to know through this blog.
"That is great!" Mr. B. said. "That means you have friends!"
"But I don't know what that shining thing in the card is. It looks like a ring. And Panda, the lazy bear used my photo without permission too!
Mr. B. sighed and gave me a big hug. "Now that you are a big boy, you must learn to share. You must also learn not to complain too much about life. You should be very thankful and happy that you have friends who remembered your birthday."
"What should I do tomorrow on my birthday, Mr. B.?" I asked him.
"First thing you do when you wake up tomorrow is to pray and give thanks for all the blessings you have in life." Mr. B. said as he cuddled me. "Then you should thank all the people who reads your blog. Because they are all your friends who come to visit you everyday despite of their busy lives."
"Will I have a cake to eat too? Just like last week on your birthday?" I asked.
"If you are a good boy, you will have a cake."
I know I should be happy about this day and I should be celebrating. But somehow, I seem to feel a bit unsure. Perhaps that is a part of growing up, or maybe because I am becoming like human.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Becker!
Still the first one replys first, HaHa~
Happy Birthday!!
It's the perfect time that you shall start making money for us, cause you're a big boy now!

Anonymous said...

Do you like the surprise? i use the photo you put in header as it is "open" information you share in blog.
And you are right, the shine thing is a ring, wish you become shining in the internet world.

Have a good day!

siennalee said...

my daughter sarah and i wish you a happy, happy birthday! thank you for making us happy with your blog!

steveny said...

have a great one, my friend!

Becker said...

hello d.! i am so happy that you are the very first to greet me today!

to panda, thank you for the ring. when will you give me a real one??

to siennalee, you are my loyal fan!! i wish i can meet you and your daughter sarah!

hello steveny, thank you for your greeting!!

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