02 January 2010

Harry's Fingers

Charlie Bit My Finger.

That was hardly a significant occurence, especially coming from a pair of brothers in Thames Valley in the U.K. But that very short home video from 2007 made its way to the cyberworld and became the most viewed clip in YouTube ever garnering almost 150 million views as of today.

Some people say the clip is Shakespearean. That it contained a full range of human emotions within a very short span of time - love, pain, fear, forgiving and of course, Charlie's almost-sinister laugh.

In the adult human world, there would have been other possible results:
1) Harry smacks Charlie in the head real hard.
2) Harry sues Charlie of physical harm or harrassment.
3) Harry takes it to the boss and Charlie will be fired.
4) Harry seeks another opportunity to get his revenge.

In the meantime, the real Harry and Charlie recently welcomed their new baby brother Jasper. They started a blog in March 2009 with more than 300 followers already. And none of the two ever attempted to place their fingers in Jasper's mouth.

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