04 January 2010

New Year, Old Self, Good Cop, Bad Cop

Most humans make some kind of resolution for the New Year. For some, to lose weight, for others to find the love of their lives. But I can bet my bear paw to say that not single human in this world vowed to work harder or put more effort at work in the coming year. Not one. I can also bet my other bear paw to say that not one single human vowed to be the same old nasty, annoying, unlikeable self this year.

First day in the funny farm and Mr. B. was tortured with threats from the person he worked for. It was short of giving him an ultimatum to dismiss members of his team who were deemed incompetent by that person's doubtful standard.

Some time during the day, Mr. B. had a realisation. He was awakened to the fact that this person wanted him to be the bad cop while staying to be a good cop. Suddenly he understands why all these years, this person has been provoking him behind closed door, manipulating him through all sorts of means to get rid of people that this person has very strong biased against.

It is the New Year. It is unimaginable that some people's life could be so sad and lonely that the only source of joy is seeing other miserable and shroud it under the pretense of helping others. Very sad indeed.

Mr. B. said he may suddenly decide to go shopping for Balinese furnitures in where else? Bali.

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