22 February 2010

Old World, New World - Part 1

The first thing I felt was the heat. So different from the cold and wet city we came from. Mr. B. warned me that too much exposure to the sun might make my fur fade! So i wore my Benetton hoodie to make sure I am protected. It was a tiring flight from Taipei to Manila. But I am glad to see Auntie B. and my human cousins there to pick up us with their big, red shiny car.

"You will stay with us, Becker," Auntie B. said with a promise to buy me new clothes from Baby Gap (which is my favorite). "And Mr. B. will stay with Papa B. and Momy C."

I agreed to the arrangement because I like to go around the city in the big, red shiny car so it won't be too hot.

"Will I have access to computer, Auntie B.?" I asked because being nominated this year for the Best Pop Culture Blog is a big thing for me and I don't want to disappoint my readers by not updating as often as I can. She said yes and we were on our way.

Thinking back now, Mr. B. and I staying in different parts of the city offered us different experiences. Mr. B. saw a lot of the old world - places, food and people he knew as a child; while I got to explore a newer world.

"The world moved on without me." Mr. B. declared as we both lie tired and exhausted from the week-long trip.

"Would you have wished it didn't?" I asked him.

"No. Not really. Maybe just not that fast. Slower maybe." his answer confuses me.

Our trip brought back a lot of memories for Mr. B. while I busy myself having frozen yogurt and shopping. On my last night, I remembered looking at my human cousins. They've all grown taller now. One day they may not like me anymore. Then I thought, perhaps my world moved without me too.


siennalee said...

did you have a great vacation? glad to have you back. can't wait for your new photos, too.

Becker said...

yes i did! thank you for asking! i already posted new photos in the slideshow. enjoy!

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