23 February 2010

Old World, New World - Part 2

"I met my high school classmates tonight!" Mr. B. declared one night during our trip. "I haven't seen them for decades!"

"Did you recognize them at all?" I wondered.

"Oh yes, I did. They are all very successful now. Doctors, dentists, businessmen, making lots of money, with kids in high school or college." Mr. B. added.

With that last statement, I saw a hint of melancholy in Mr. B.'s eyes.

"I miss those carefree days." he said. "Things were so simple then. I wonder how things get complicated as one gets older."

I don't understand too. Mr. B. showed me a picture of him with his first teddy bear Bonami, an understuffed pink and white creature in oversized shirt and shorts. "He must be in Toy Heaven now." Mr. B. added. "I think I was happier then."

"Are you not happy now?" I asked.

"I am, but it was just different when I was younger. I see my classmates being parents now, some with marital problems, some with kids problems, and I think to myself, how did we get to this?"

I didn't answer Mr. B. I think that is part of the human experience. One goes to school, learn some craft, work, make money, raise a family, and the whole circle of life begins again.

In the end, I believe Mr. B. was thankful that the people he once shared a few years of his life with as a young boy all gathered to see him again. It was an evening full of stories, of catching up and a promise that they will keep in touch. They may have grown apart over the years, but they all have something very precious in common - a shared childhood.

As for me, I am happy to take the place of Bonami as Mr. B.'s loyal companion in life. If Bonami was a part of Mr. B.'s old world, I am a part of his new world. And I promise never to leave him.


siennalee said...

sarah said you are cuter than bonami!

Anonymous said...

Dear Becker, I'm Mr. B.'s loyal companion in life also! And ask Mr.B to show the picture of Bonami for me so that I can realize who is the most cute bear. HaHa~

Btw, You really know the japan comic "ghost in the shell"?

From lovely D.

steveny said...

Where is Bonami's pic?

Becker said...

thank you sarah!

to D. and steveny, you can find Bonami's photo in the slideshow of my holiday trip. you be the judge who is cuter!

Anonymous said...

Becker, I think I could safely say that you are cuter than Bonami... thanks for being there..

Becker said...

i KNOW i am cuter....

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