27 March 2010

A House Is Not A Home

In the last few months, Mr. B. has been contemplating on moving due to the fact that the pfunny pfarm will be moving its location. Instead of having to commute long distance for 4 times the amount of time to get to work, Mr. B. thought it will be better for all of us to move to somewhere near the place he works. There is only one problem though, the new office location will be out in nowhere land.

"But I don't want to live in boonyland!" I protested.

"It will be fine, I promise. There will be plenty of rooms. We shall have everything new in the house - a big kitchen, maybe even a small garden. And... I will make sure you and the bears have a big space to play in!" Mr. B. said with all enthusiasm.

"But it will be so far and inconvenient! And D. won't be able to visit us anymore!"

"I know..." Mr. B. considered for a moment. "It will really be hard for all of us. I was just thinking about being closer to work."

"I guess it's up to you, Mr. B." I told him.

As I look around the house I lived all 11 years of my life, I wonder what it would be like to move. I will surely miss the spot where I sit all the time, the orange-brown sofa Mr. B. and I would sit watching TV, the small dining table where I would join Mr. B. and D. for tea and the nice neighborhood where we are located.

But then again, it really doesn't matter where we live. As long as Mr. B. is there, my bear friends are around and D. can come visit us, I will be very happy and contented. Even if we move to far away boonyland.

20 March 2010

The Dream Of Two Foxes

Last night, Mr. B. had a strange dream. Two wild arctic foxes wandered into the house and everyone was scared of the fierce-looking creatures. They gave the foxes some food and after eating, the two went into hiding behind some furniture where no one can see them. The household had a discussion on how to get rid of these two foxes. They eventually decided on luring them out with more food but in it, they would put sleeping pills in order to make the two foxes sleep. Then they can get safely take them out of the house.

So they started crushing tablets and placing them into meats to feed the foxes. Before they even finished their preparation, the two foxes jumped out from their hiding places. One jumped right into Mr. B.'s lap. Initially scared, Mr. B. soon realized that the two foxes were actually ill and dying. They came out to thank the people who feed them their last meal. Mr. B. hugged the furry white creature as it died in his arm.

I am no expert in interpreting dreams, but this story got me thinking. If Mr. B.'s plan to kill the two foxes did not actually happened, does it make him guilty of evil deed or thought? Is it perhaps better for the two foxes to never realize that people were planning to kill them? For them to die thinking they were loved and cared for? What is right and what is wrong?

I told Mr. B. about this. He said that I shuld not think of it too much. Because it is just a dream.

13 March 2010

There For You

As they go through their lives, humans make friends along the way. There are many types of friends. Some they knew since their childhood, others they know from school or from work. Some are friends of friends and others are former partners. There are friends that you talk with or meet very often, others you see only on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, still others you get to see only once every few years.

In the last two months, Mr. B. has gotten in touch and met with a lot of his friends. While we were on holidays, he was able to hook up with high school classmates and childhood friends. This week, W. and his partner came to visit from London, and tonight Mr. B. shall be having dinner with another friend from Belgium whom he hasn't seen in years. This May, he might also travel to Europe for business and have the chance to catch up with a friend he hasn't seen for over 10 year and who is incidentally giving birth around that month!

Friends are really amazing creatures, I learned. You don't have to see each other all the time, but you always know that whenever you need them, they are always a phone call or an email away. It doesn't matter how long they've been apart, friends always have stories to tell and good times to share. True that some friendships grow apart but as humans grow older, they keep only a few treasured ones. Those whoese friendship they cherish and those who will always be there.

Video: The Rembrandts and the Cast of Friends with I'll Be There For You

06 March 2010

Ol' Mackie Is Back!

Last week was quite stressful for Mr. B. The head farmer of the pfunny pfarm together with his entire executive staff were in town and Mr. B. had to give a big business presentation. He only had about a week to prepare and an evening to rehearse. If that was not stressful enough, the group also had to be taken out to field visit, then wining and dining. I think humans call it corporate entertainment. Part of that entertainment is cramming together in a small space and singing to music backtrack - a Japanese invention called karaoke.

While I know that Mr. B. is a decent singer, him being with a band in his youth, he is not very keen on this kind of entertainment. He calls it a 'corporate cat and dog show' - i guess it means things that you do to make the head farmers happy and entertained.

"Mack The Knife" is one song that Mr. B. really enjoy singing during these karaoke nights for two reasons: one - he like how the song progressively changes key in every paragraph; two - the song allows a wide range of interpretations so he could sing it differently each time. (Called 'one of the greatest song ever written;, "Mack The Knife" was actually adapted from the opening number of a German opera about a serial killer Mackie Messer.)

Back to real life, Mr. B.'s stressful week ended with a big row in the boardroom on Friday afternoon with him as one of the main target. He actually comtemplated for all of 3 minutes before he decided to lash back. I applauded with my paws as he told me the details of the story. Not because he succeeded in anything but because I could see that Mr. B. is progressively changing his key now. He understands that he can say what is on his mind without any fear, to sing his song the way he wants, in as many different ways as he desires.

Video: Bobby Darin with Mack The Knife


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