20 March 2010

The Dream Of Two Foxes

Last night, Mr. B. had a strange dream. Two wild arctic foxes wandered into the house and everyone was scared of the fierce-looking creatures. They gave the foxes some food and after eating, the two went into hiding behind some furniture where no one can see them. The household had a discussion on how to get rid of these two foxes. They eventually decided on luring them out with more food but in it, they would put sleeping pills in order to make the two foxes sleep. Then they can get safely take them out of the house.

So they started crushing tablets and placing them into meats to feed the foxes. Before they even finished their preparation, the two foxes jumped out from their hiding places. One jumped right into Mr. B.'s lap. Initially scared, Mr. B. soon realized that the two foxes were actually ill and dying. They came out to thank the people who feed them their last meal. Mr. B. hugged the furry white creature as it died in his arm.

I am no expert in interpreting dreams, but this story got me thinking. If Mr. B.'s plan to kill the two foxes did not actually happened, does it make him guilty of evil deed or thought? Is it perhaps better for the two foxes to never realize that people were planning to kill them? For them to die thinking they were loved and cared for? What is right and what is wrong?

I told Mr. B. about this. He said that I shuld not think of it too much. Because it is just a dream.

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