27 March 2010

A House Is Not A Home

In the last few months, Mr. B. has been contemplating on moving due to the fact that the pfunny pfarm will be moving its location. Instead of having to commute long distance for 4 times the amount of time to get to work, Mr. B. thought it will be better for all of us to move to somewhere near the place he works. There is only one problem though, the new office location will be out in nowhere land.

"But I don't want to live in boonyland!" I protested.

"It will be fine, I promise. There will be plenty of rooms. We shall have everything new in the house - a big kitchen, maybe even a small garden. And... I will make sure you and the bears have a big space to play in!" Mr. B. said with all enthusiasm.

"But it will be so far and inconvenient! And D. won't be able to visit us anymore!"

"I know..." Mr. B. considered for a moment. "It will really be hard for all of us. I was just thinking about being closer to work."

"I guess it's up to you, Mr. B." I told him.

As I look around the house I lived all 11 years of my life, I wonder what it would be like to move. I will surely miss the spot where I sit all the time, the orange-brown sofa Mr. B. and I would sit watching TV, the small dining table where I would join Mr. B. and D. for tea and the nice neighborhood where we are located.

But then again, it really doesn't matter where we live. As long as Mr. B. is there, my bear friends are around and D. can come visit us, I will be very happy and contented. Even if we move to far away boonyland.


Jim said...

But new adventures may be waiting in Boonyland!

Becker said...

Mr. B. said walking almost one kilometer to get food is an adventure he likes to take. He also doesn't drive and I am too little to go out by myself.

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