13 March 2010

There For You

As they go through their lives, humans make friends along the way. There are many types of friends. Some they knew since their childhood, others they know from school or from work. Some are friends of friends and others are former partners. There are friends that you talk with or meet very often, others you see only on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, still others you get to see only once every few years.

In the last two months, Mr. B. has gotten in touch and met with a lot of his friends. While we were on holidays, he was able to hook up with high school classmates and childhood friends. This week, W. and his partner came to visit from London, and tonight Mr. B. shall be having dinner with another friend from Belgium whom he hasn't seen in years. This May, he might also travel to Europe for business and have the chance to catch up with a friend he hasn't seen for over 10 year and who is incidentally giving birth around that month!

Friends are really amazing creatures, I learned. You don't have to see each other all the time, but you always know that whenever you need them, they are always a phone call or an email away. It doesn't matter how long they've been apart, friends always have stories to tell and good times to share. True that some friendships grow apart but as humans grow older, they keep only a few treasured ones. Those whoese friendship they cherish and those who will always be there.

Video: The Rembrandts and the Cast of Friends with I'll Be There For You


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Pet Clark video Becker Bear...

There's not many singers like her in the world.


Becker said...

hello tris! i am glad you enjoyed it! thank you for visiting my blog!

siennalee said...

i like friends the tv series but i think in real life, it is very different.

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