05 April 2010

Carousel Of (Human) Life

It was supposed to be a 4-day holiday for Mr. B. but he told me he never felt he was able to rest or do anything much. He attended a cocktail/dinner organized by a friend who is selling his flat very soon (the last party). He had tea with a friend who just purchased a new flat (who also invited Mr. B.'s former colleagues, people he haven't seen for many years). He also went to his uncle's to pick up some snacks and preserved fruits his mother sent all the way from the Philippines. He also visited a dear friend who wanted to consult D. on some legal matters.

In the meantime, a friend from the past requested him to translate a folk song so he would understand the lyrics. Another friend called to alert a friend who has gone "missing" in Bangkok owing to the fact that he has never written since the start of the year (he used to drop a line or two to update his status every two weeks).

Mr. B. checked his Facebook and found his friends are playing games or posting new photos of their recent trips or their babies. One stood out. "Did you go to church today? Happy Easter!". No he didn't. He had to go around the city to run errands. But he was able to sneak a haircut. And he was able to finish part of the work he took home right before the holiday started.

"Did you go to church today?"

Not that it really matters because the last time Mr. B. went to church was New Year's Day. Perhaps he didn't see the need to commemorate the death of Jesus since he resurrected anyway. Why mourn for his death? He came back to life, didn't He? His birthday, yes, we celebrate that but really, why bother remembering his temporary death?

I don't know what Mr. B. is thinking and I don't want to judge him. Those were just my thoughts. Maybe he was really busy living his life, the way people continue playing Mafia Wars or posting latest baby photos. Maybe it really doesn't matter. Next year, we would all be in the same place again. No matter how fun the carousel ride is, we all come back to the same place. Again.

Photo Credit : Merry Go Round by Ali Miri


siennalee said...

kind of sad to know people get so busy in life to really look at what is important. i hope you will enlighten mr.b. about this.

Mike said...
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Becker said...

dear siennalee, i will most certainly do that. thanks for reminding me and everyone who reads my blog.

Marc said...

I like your Abba feature. Your blog is always a happy one and I enjoy it very much! Keep up the good work, Becker Bear!

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