21 April 2010

A Hole In My Head

"I've got a hole in my head. I am so stressed!" Mr. B. proclaimed.

And as if I haven't notice that button-sized bald spot he has been trying to hide for the past 2 months, I tried to console him. "You know it will go away," I replied. "Give it a few months."

"And I have this horrible eye infection! I am so stressed!"

Now his eyes he can't hide unless he wants to go around pretending to be a pirate. "Just relax, Mr. B. You are starting to make me stressed too!" I said. "What are you all so anxious about anyway?"

"So many things. Mostly people at work." he said.

I can sense that he didn't want to go into detail but I can safely guess that it has something to do with the fact that he recently realized that some people he considered friends in the workplace turned out to be selfish, self-serving individuals who only cared about themselves. It must have hurt for his kindness to be repaid with deceit and hypocrisy.

"When do you think I would grow my hair back?" he asked checking himself in the mirror.

"When you learn to let go, Mr. B." with that I turn to watch my favorite TV show.


siennalee said...

i think the tension is making him sick. you should ask him to see a doctor!

Becker said...

hello sienna! mr. b. is fine. don't worry!

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