23 April 2010

I Was Once A Bacteria

"It's true, Mr. B." I said excited by my new discovery. " I just finished watching this film and it says I was once a bacteria, like all the plants and animals and humans on Earth!"

"Some science fiction movie?"

"No! It's called Home, a film made this French moviemaker called Yann Arthus-Bertrand."

"I've seen that one, and believe me, you were not a bacteria before. You were born a bear." he answered. "But that is not the point of the film. It is about how humans have been using up the Earth's natural resources endangering the entire planet, about global warming and also carbon crisis."

"Oh I see... so the film is teaching humans what to do to save the planet?" I asked Mr. B.

"I don't know what you think," he replied. "But I think it didn't give any solution to all the problems it presented except that we should be responsible consumer and think about what we buy." At this point, Mr. B. left to take his nightly shower before going to bed leaving me wondering.

I actually didn't understand anything being said in the movie. It was all so allegoric. While it talked about some possible solutions such as using renewable energy, creating parks, international cooperation and general education, I really wonder how those can really help.

After a few minutes of contemplation, I decided that core problem of the Earth's slow destruction is human greed. Humans talk about conservation and going back to basics while at the same time cannot expend the comfort and luxuries that progress and modern living brings. I cannot envision humans walking to work, plant their own food, sleep without air-conditioning, live without electricity, pump their own water or not travel by any forms of vehicle. I am sure it is impossible for them to even think that. If only humans can want less, use less, waste less, that would be enough to gradually reverse the situation.

"Do you know how much they spent to make that movie?" Mr. B. said as he came out of the shower. "US$12 million."

Note: Home is a non-profit film. It has no copyright and can be broadcasted, downloaded, copied, viewed and shared by anyone in this planet.

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