27 April 2010

I Will Always Love You

Lately, there have been tons of video clips and media reports circulating around regarding the much-awaited comeback of Whitney Houston, who is considered one of the best vocalist and artist of the generation. Her world tour Nothing But Love started in Russia, then to Korea, Japan, Australia and now in the UK. All of a sudden, there were many Simon Cowell wannabe's putting their two-cents worth criticizing her performances as "laughable", "can't entertain a dead rat" and so on.

Whitney Houston was once a very successful model turned singer in the 1980's. Her debut album released in 1985 contained some of her most memorable songs such as All At Once, You Give Good Love, The Greatest Love Of All, Hold Me, How Will I Know and Saving All My Love For You, that's almost ALL the songs in the album. She became an inspiration to a whole new generation of female "divas" including the likes of Mariah Carey and Beyonce. She sold more than 170 million albums worldwide in her career.

Today, I watched some of her performance clips from Korea, Australia and the UK. I was dumbfounded by the person standing on stage struggling to finish even one song. Not only can't she hit the high notes in I Will Always Love You (after lowering the key of the entire song), she was screeching and coughing her way all throughout the number. The orchestra and her backup singers had to compensate by slowing down and enhancing the harmonies. She was sweating, jittery and looked disoriented. How sad to have to witness this happening to someone who was once on top of the world. It is even sadder to think that the public seems to be merciless and very unforgiving walking out in the middle of the show and demanding refunds.

I remember there was an interview of her by Diane Sawyer in 2002 where she asked Whitney, "10 years from now, give me the perfect life for Whitney Houston." She answered "Retired, sitting, looking at my daughter grow up, become a great woman of God, grandchildren..."

Almost 10 years on, I see a broken woman trying to get some respect and dignity back. Never mind the past glory. Perhaps if she can find peace, regain her health back and start anew, life will be much kinder to her.

Why don't humans remember the good? She is pushing 50 and therefore should not be expected to sing like when she was in her 20's. She also has gone through a lot in her life - drug addiction and violent marriage that contributed to her poor health and damaged singing voice. She must take care of herself now. Singing can wait. We all can wait when she is good and ready.

Video : Whitney Houston with All At Once.


Tom (Thomas) Rimington said...

I'm with you Becker... Nice to see her try to come back, but the operative word here is "try"...

I am not the same man I was 20-30 years ago, although I would like to think I am... I have come to realize at 54, I can do only so much...

Fortunately my career choice is much less critical of my successes and downfalls...


Becker said...

very well said, mr. tom. i wish u all the best!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that she used to be a top model !!
Agree with you, how sad we saw a super star become a broken woman like this.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to leave my name, this is panda to say hi again ^^

Becker said...

dear panda, long time no hear from you! yes, whitney houston used to be a fashion and commercial model before she became a singer. see what drugs can do to you???

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