15 April 2010

The Imperfect Tense

In many ways, the human workplace is like a mini country. This I gathered from Mr. B.'s many stories about the pfunny pfarm. First of all, the success of this mini country is very much dependent on the type of leader, or government, it has - which could range from be a democracy (where power is shared) to a dictatorship (where only one individual takes control).

Then there is the citizenry, the people residing in the organization who could be happy, not too happy or angry. More often than not, the degree of happiness would depend upon the distribution of wealth in relation to the work they have to perform. Of course, this is where most of the citizens have their 2-cents-worth. They believe they are giving more than they are getting.

Which then leads to the next point. Some of these people leave the mini country to migrate to a greener pasture where they believe they are getting more than what they are giving. Those who don't have any other choices but to stay grudgingly toil themselves half-dead.

Mr. B. told me today that he has never seen as much tension in his mini country as in the past week. People losing temper, backstabbing, complaining, crying, launching cold war, launching offensive attacks... all the while the delusional leader stays nonchalant about the going ons.

Humans are strange. They allow themselves to be used and abused all in the name of making a living. And really, it's all about that food on the table.


Erma said...

Dear Becker,

The workplace is indeed as strange as you described it. It's great to have come across your site.


Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,
That's because the farm is sick, not because the humans are strange.


Becker said...

dear erma : thank you for your comment and i hope you keep coming back. to princess : mr. b. said maybe only the farmer is sick. and he said he enjoys working with a lot of the animals (except some of them). haha.

siennalee said...

from your recent posts, i can see that mr. b. is undergoing a lot of stress. take care of him!

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