11 May 2010

All The Single Ladies*

I learned that humans are not designed to live alone. Of course there are people who eventually live solitary lives (example: monks), but I am sure they never intended to do so when they were young. Also, I found that many humans equate being "alone" with being "lonely", which is not the same if you ask George Merriam and Noah Webster. Kermit says it's not easy being green, but being single seems to a lot of humans a condemnation, something to be ashamed of.

So what is wrong with being single? Why do a lot of human beings, sometimes even those who are generally intelligent, become totally laughable or pitiful characters when faced with meeting or choosing a partner? Mr. B. knows a lot of people (some even his friends) who are known to make total fools out of themselves all because they don't want to stay uncoupled. Is it really that bad to be alone in life with only friends and family?

And then there are single people who start alienating coupled people. They go out having their singles fun and ignore the coupled ones because "they won't come out with us, they forget their friends ever since they are together." What kind of a reasoning is that?

For many years, Mr. B. lived a single life. He would come home from work alone, make dinner for one, eat dinner in front of TV, surf the web, go to sleep. On weekends, we may go out with friends. Have dinner and drinks and chat. He was happy with the way things are.

Now that Mr. B. and D. are together, they spend a lot of time by themselves - watching TV, shopping, eating. They also go out with friends on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas or even movies. He is happy too.

I think the human society put a lot of pressure on single people, so has the media. Just think Sex and the City and you know what I mean. Single or coupled, I think both stages of human lives can be fun and productive. When the bad feelings come, single people should think about all these other people in bad relationships and bad marriages. They didn't have it THAT good.

As for me, I am happy with the way I am.

*The original title for this post is All The Single Ladies and Gentlemen. But it was too long to fit so I removed "and gentlemen". I am a politically correct little bear.

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