22 May 2010

I Knead You Here

Mr. B. is a very lazy person. He doesn't like to move if he can help it. He lets others do the moving for him. That is why he likes massages.

Okay, I am not telling the whole truth. He is not that lazy, but over the last few years, he completely given up going to the gym, and over the years, he came up with excuses from legitimate to outrageous:

1. I am too fat. I will only hurt my ankle and knees.
2. The gym is too far from work (or from home).
3. I have fasciitis. I cannot engage in strenuous exercises.
4. My blood pressure will go up if I go to the gym.
5. I forgot to bring my iPod (or my iPod does not have enough work-out music in it)
6. I can't find any gym wear that fits me.
7. I am embarassed to go now that I am too fat.

The list goes on.

In his 20's, Mr. B. used to go to the gym at least 3 times a week before going to work - key word before. He never complained about being tired and he didn't have an iPod then (well, it wasn't invented yet). In his early 30's, he had this whole regimen of working his upper body thrice a week and lower body twice a week plus abdominals daily. That's 5 days a week of gymming.

Now the only thing he lifts is me and his sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll on his health. Until he heard the good news from a doctor one time:

"If you don't go to the gym, at least get a massage once a week - full body Thai massage. It is very beneficial in circulation, help metabolism, stretches your muscles. It is a lazy man's exercise."

Lazy man's exercise. He has been waiting to hear that for a long time. He wanted to believe what the doctor said was true (not that doctors lie).

Tomorrow, he and D. are going to their favorite Thai massage place with real Thai massage ladies. He will be kneaded, stretched, pressed and bent into various positions. He will most likely fall asleep and snore all the way through the process of exercising his body.


siennalee said...

hi becker, we are back from vacation and we had a very nice and relaxing time. glad to know mr. b. is also relaxing with thai massage. i like that too!

Becker said...

hello siennalee and welcome back!

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