24 May 2010

In London

A few days ago, a friend of Mr. B. sent this photograph via email. It said, "...passed by Adelphi today and thought of you...".

For those who do not know, Adelphi is a London West End theatre located in the Strand. Since opening its doors in the 1800's, the theatre housed a number of plays, operettas, musicals and other performances. In recent years, it was the home for Evita, Chicago, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and now Love Never Dies, the much-awaited sequel to The Phantom Of The Opera.

More than just historical significance, Adelphi bring backs a lot of memories to Mr. B. It was here one fine day in July 1993 where he watched in awe the magnificent performance of Ms. Patti Lupone in Sunset Boulevard. It was his very first visit to London, a city he came to love. A city where his heart broke for the very first time and where he eventually found true friendship.

Many things has changed over the last 17 years and all for the good of everyone, but Mr. B. still longed to again walked the Strand, to queue by the doors of Adelphi Theatre, to again be mesmerized by the magic of musical theatre, to see the blue London skies and breathe the crisp London air.

To W. whose friendship he shall always cherish, Mr, B. says "thank you for remembering me..."

Photo credit: J.W. Lu

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