13 May 2010

Killing Me Softly

In continuation of my musings about humans not being able to live a life by him(herself). it is interesting to know that they also created virtual communities. One of the more popular of these intangible groups is Facebook.

Since its inception in 2006 by a group of Harvard students, this social networking service has become a tool to stay in touch with friends and family, reconnect with long lost classmates, stay updated with people at work or share one's thoughts to anyone who cares to listen (which usually means not a lot). Facebook is also being used for purposes not originally intended, such as product promotion, artist fan page (I got one), games and believe it or not, a tool to get back at someone you don't like.

Imagine posting a totally nasty note announcing to the whole community what an unfavorable character someone you know is. That could start a war. A virtual war. It is also not unknown for people to block out their friends so as never to hear (read) from them again. The worst thing is to totally remove a friend from the list, which is to say - driven out of the community. If words can kill, then Facebook is the perfect place to commit the crime against the person you hate most and not be caught. I think that is funny.

Humans are strange. They can't live without others, they can't live with others. We bears are way simpler, we just don't want others to be within a few feet from us. We live alone, we hunt alone and we are happy. No one is hurt.


Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,
I heard that you have fans club now, glad to see you are on the way to be a famous blogger. Panda^^

Becker said...

hello panda, yes i have a fans club. and why don't i see you there as a member?? also, do you like my new mr. men t-shirt? i got it from mr. b. as a gift from hong kong.

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