02 June 2010

The Joy In Glee

Unless you are someone out of this world (and I don't mean that as a complement), you probably know Glee, the popular musical-"dramedy" series that is a big hit in the U.S. Although it has been compared to the very successful High School Musical series (which I was never interest in), it is very much different from the juvenile TV show.

Glee follows the lives of 8 kids in a high school show choir called "New Directions" at a fictional high school in Ohio. It features very interesting adult and teenage characters, with all their angst and quirks, and of course - the songs! The show draws from a large catalogue of old and new songs and sometimes even from musicals. In many ways, it introduces old songs to the young generation and new songs to the older generation. Each of the musical numbers are ingeniously woven into the storyline and made the show works perfectly.

When I look at Mr. B.'s life, I sometimes believe that I can place a soundtrack to go with it. Maybe some songs from the 80's to evoke happy mood, some big numbers from big musicals to show big emotions, a bit of dance tracks here and there, a lot of sentimental love songs.

I wonder what it would be like if real life is just like that - people going about their lives singing songs, at times happy, at times sad, expressing their emotions in words and music. Since human lives as I observe it is full of comedy and drama, might as well throw in some music and make it one big musical presentation.

I think life will be better that way. I must tell Mr. B. about this.

Photo: Cast of Glee

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