23 June 2010

Missing Pieces

"Welcome back! did you enjoy your trip?" I asked Mr. B. as he dragged his oversized luggage into the living room and threw his computer case (gently of course) on the sofa.

"I am so exhausted! 16 hours of flying and 8 hours of layover!" he said in an exagerated manner and threw me up and down the air a few times. "And I missed you!"

"So tell me about Prague, Mr. B. Show me photos! Show me, show me!!"

After he took a shower and got a tall glass of iced tea, we settled on the couch and showed me the photos he took with D.'s camera. He showed me all the nice placed he visited, the great architectures, cobblestone streets, the Karluv Bridge, the Prague Castle, the Old Town Square and others.

"I don't know. I think it will be more fun if you were there. And D. too. Do you remember our vacation in Sydney last year?" he said as I nodded enthusiastically. "I think that was fun. We were all there like a family!"

Indeed, many things is life ought to be shared as far as humans are concerned - like happiness. Sometimes, all the wonderful things in life means very little when you experience them by yourself. It's like missing pieces of a puzzle, beautiful but lacking and incomplete.

With that Mr. B. promised to take me attend the World Expo in September with D.

I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Dear Becker,
I saw princess's picture in Paris and it made me envy. I should ask princess to bring me to the Expo, too.

Please take care of Mr. B, wish his foot recover soon.
by panda

Becker said...

dear panda, mr. b. has not been well because of his foot. so i am cooking something really special for him this weekend!

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