01 June 2010


One of the most difficult things humans are ever required to do at some points in their lives is to respond to evil with kindness. Some say it is the noblest of human acts - forgiving. For how can one just put aside the hurt, the torment, the humiliation and go on with life as if nothing offensive was ever done to him/her.

I learned today that a good friend of Mr. B. was recently falsely accused of a wrong doing he did not commit by a devious and scheming co-worker, one that might very well cost his job and destroy his future. For many days, this friend was agonizing over the matter while the underhanded co-worker took a long vacation. Obviously, he has gone on with his life and hasn't given Mr. B.'s friend much thought.

So what is forgiveness? Is it accepting the wrong done to you? Is it compromising to a bad behavior? Is it continuing to be a willing victim of bullying?

Some people say - look at the bright side, learn from the experience, focus on the bigger picture, stand taller than your enemy. But I wonder, how can those bring back the peace and harmony that once existed? How can those even change or repair the damage that has been done.

Humans are strange. Some even stranger than others. There are those who simply enjoy hurting other people. Evil does exist. Not even the most positive of optimists can argue with that.

To Mr. B.'s friend I say - the truth will always win, perhaps a bit late sometimes, but it will prevail no matter what.


siennalee said...

i can understand that some people are not worth forgiving. but the best way to get even is to show that someone how you can live your life happy and that his action is insignificant and will not affect you. may the friend find wisdom in dealing with this.

Becker said...

dear siennalee, thank you for your words of wisdom. i will definitely tell mr. b. about this. thank you for writing!

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