11 July 2010

Easy Eats #4 - Hot And Sour Ramen

I am not an advocate for packaged food. I always believe that food should be prepared fresh using fresh ingredients as much as possible. But then again, this is Easy Eats! It is the fact of human lives that they are so tired after a day's work that they barely have any energy to cook dinner. Today's feature couldn't be easier. It only uses 3 ingredients - instant Japanese ramen (noodles), instant hot and sour soup packet and an egg, real egg.

One portion instant Japanese ramen
One packet instant hot and sour soup mix
1 egg

1. Cook instant ramen in boiling water. It should be done in about 3 minutes.
2. While ramen is cooking, cook instant hot and sour soup mix according to instruction.
3. Drop an egg into the soup and stir.
4. Add in cooked ramen and serve immediately.

See? It probably took me longer to write this post than to prepare this delicious dinner! Happy eating!!!

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