16 July 2010

Everybody Loves The Minions

Sometimes, I am so amazed by the creativity of the human minds. Who can ever tell that an elite army of corn-kernel-inspired characters can dominate the world?

If you still don't know, the new 3D animated movie Despicable Me opened in the cinema making US$60 million in ticket sales on the first weekend, almost twice more than Twilight.

One of the crowd drawers of the movie is the battalion of evil-doers made up of innocent-looking yellow creatures simply referred to as "the minions". They do look cute and cuddly but their mischievousness can be compared to that of the gremlins.

Mr. B. has been waiting for weeks to see the movie and D. couldn't understand why those corn kernels appeal to him so much. Mr. B. insists on watching it in 3D to get the full experience.

Actually, I myself do not understand the reason behind their appeal but according to the news, a sequel is already underway.

I hope Mr. B. would take me to see the movie next week.

Photo credit : Despicable Me, Universal Studios

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