18 July 2010

Fame, I'm Gonna Live Forever

"Why could someone so annoying be so famous?" I asked Mr. B. during dinner.

"What do you mean? Who is annoying?"

"You know that young kid who sings Baby, Baby, Baby, oohhh! His video is annoying, he looks annoying, and he doesn't know what German is! I don't like him." I answered.

"But he has lots of fans and his record sold millions!" he explained. "You have to remember, he already had millions of viewers and followers on YouTube even before he started recording. It's a powerful tool to promote oneself."

"He is still annoying."

When I think about it, what Mr. B. said was true. There are so many humans who became instantly famous worldwide because of YouTube - Harry, who's brother Charlie bit his finger; Matt Harding, who dances around the world; Charice, the tiny girl with super big singing voice; Michael Buckley of What The Buck?, just to name a few. Some of them do have an agenda and plan to be famous, for the world to know what they do (regardless of whether they are good at it or not); but a lot of them became world phenomena by accident. Just because millions of people came across their videos and shared it to others.

Fame comes easy these days. Unlike in the olden times when people have to work hard to get notice. But then it can also literally be "15 minutes of fame".

Perhaps I should make my own video and post it in YouTube too.


Anonymous said...

are u talking about JB? (justin)
he is famous especially in teenagers!


Becker said...

yes, isn't he annoying??

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