09 July 2010

I Will Survive

The world loves Paul Oktopus. Who doesn't? He probably made many people rich in the last few weeks by helping them to choose the right team to bet big money on.

You might already know the story. Paul is an English-born octopus who grew up in Germany. He is said to be almost perfect in predicting the winning team in football matches. He is presented with two clear plastic boxes in his aquarium, each containing food. One box is marked with the flag of Germany and the other the flag of the opponent. The flag on the box chosen by the octopus is interpreted as being the predicted winning country's flag. Paul's accurate predictions for the 2010 FIFA World Cup have endowed him with the status of a celebrity. He predicted Spain to win this year's World Cup, something the Germans are not very happy about. Even the Prime Minister of Spain wanted to provide him with state protection in case some angry citizens might decided to cook and eat him.

If he gets it right again this time, he will be the world's most famous octopus. I wish I have the same talent too. It would be so cool.

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