05 July 2010

Places And Faces

After two weeks of recuperating from his post-travel syndrome, Mr. B. finally showed me the photos he took while he was in Prague.

"It is such a beautiful city." he said with relish.

"Don't say that when you didn't take me there!" I retorted. "I can see that for myself!"

Like Mr. B., I like traveling a lot. I like to see different places, see different people, try different food. But Mr. B. has this peculiar habit when he travels to another country. There are two important places he definitely has to visit aside from the usual tourist stuff - a church and a supermarket.

Although not religious by nature, Mr. B. would make it a point to visit a church wherever he goes. He says it is his way of showing his gratitude not only for the safe travel but also for the great blessing of having the opportunity to see yet another wonderful place in his lifetime. In Prague, he went to the Church of Infant Jesus and marveled at the intricate gold interior of the church. He never forgets to light candles too - for his parents, his siblings, nephews and nieces and most of all, to D. for the 7 wonderful years they have been together.

"So why to you visit supermarkets?" I asked him.

"I just like to see how other people live - what they eat, what they use - their daily activities. You can find out a lot about people from what they buy on a day-to-day basis. Don't you think?"

"I see your point. And I bet you also try out their various snack and sodas as well." I said flicking through the photos



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